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Wood Burning Stoves

Multifuel Stoves Leicester

Most Wood Burning Stoves should be suitable for use in Smokeless areas

Wood Burning Stoves

Leicester Fuel Pellet Stoves

Pellet burners have automated feeds that keep the stove topped up with fuel as required

Cheap Stoves Leicester

Leicester Wood Burning Stoves


Stoves From £499

Wood Stoves

Wood-burning stoves are perfect for greener heating. Great for creating a cosy country cottage ambience or Uber Minimalist Architectural Design

Great For Saving Money - Burning Non Fossil Fuels

Energy Efficiency
Modern, Carbon-Neutral Wood-Burning stoves can manage over 80 per cent efficiency compared to about 20% Efficiency for an equivalent open fire
Recycle scrap untreated timber or use seasoned logs from coppicing for virtually free home heating while reducing landfill waste
Wood burning stoves are perfect for creating sustainable energy heating while converting scrap timber into heat at a fraction of the cost of gas, coal, oil or electricity

Pellet Burners: Wood & Recycled Fuel Pellets

Wood waste and biomass fuel products like corn and wheat husks are converted into eco-friendly high energy fuel pellets to provide a realistic alternative to fossil fuels and make an easy to handle fuel product
You can use fuel pellets to run an extensive whole-house heating system or simply to feed a pellet-burning stove fireplace insert

Solid Fuel, Gas & Electric Stoves & Fires

If your're excited by cast iron design and quality of workmanship then a designer stove will be the perfect choice. Woodburning, multifuel, gas and electric stoves provide top quality heating and long lasting value for money


Stoves to work with all the major energy resources:solid fuel, gas & electric
The very best stoves with a wide range of finishes

Home Refurbishment

We also provide quality granite tiles, crystal quartz tiles for Kitchens Bathrooms

Warm Wood Fire

Luxurious warmth that doesn't cost the Earth...

Pellet Burning Stoves North East England

You can use fuel pellets to run an extensive whole-house heating system or simply to feed a pellet-burning stove fireplace insert

Fantastic Range of Fires

Special Stoves

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